September 2013: Conference – The Metaphysical Thriller

The metaphysical thriller is often considered as a 20th century phenomenon whose heydays came in the last quarter century. It is also generally associated with the development of experimental postmodern fiction. But what exactly is the metaphysical thriller?

The conference will address the “metaphysical” and the “thriller” from a diachronic and/or synchronic perspective, describing the different avatars of the detective story from Poe to Paul Auster and beyond, as well as the genre’s capacity to deal with considerations that lie beyond the traditional reaches of the detective story and its various sub-genres.

For more information please contact:
–   Antoine Dechêne, Université de Liège (
–   Michel Delville, Université de Liège (

Bilingual Conference (English / French)
Université de Liège, CIPA, Belspo
Liège, Belgique – 26-27 September 2013
CIPA website:

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